Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present “Sénsibilité Synthétique” a solo exhibition by French artist Marie Lelouche that will be on view at the Parisian gallery.

For this exhibition, Marie Lelouche will present several pieces from a new corpus of works that she has developed since 2015. After accumulating a large number of three-dimensional scans made in the public space, like a photographer who creates a collection of images, the artist sets out to compose and interpret these pieces of architecture, of urban furniture. In this way, she produces hybrid works based on a very peculiar register of shapes, as sensory re-appropriations of her three-dimensional digital archives.

With a strong interest in the issues related to recording techniques - political (safeguarding and sharing of the heritage), cultural (great circulation of information) and societal (personal virtual collections) - that she perceives as generator of the transformation of uses and registers of representations, she works on a sensory redistribution in the exhibition space.

Marie Lelouche is a French artist whose practise questions space, volume. Born in 1984 in Saint-Junien, she graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Art Plastique from Sorbonne University and in 2014 she entered Le Fresnoy, where she is currently studying for a PHD, co-led with the Uqam (Montréal). Her work, aesthetically minimal and abstract, was shown in Belgium, France, UK, South Korea, Brazil and Italy.

Interested in the forms evolution taken in their socio-cultural context, she takes part in many residency programs in South Korea, France, and Italy. She develops collective projects in Amazonia and Siberia and she works with scientists, artisans and engineers. The practise of moving, either in her travels or in the core of her creative process, remains a key aspect of her work.