Galerie Charlot presents the first exhibition in France of artist Ashley Wick (born in 1987) following her residency organised by the gallery.

The artist explores the depths of vulnerability, fragility, longing, and fear through the dynamic interplay of painting, sculpture, animation, language, story and sound. She plays with modes of painting that allow her to continuously animate and reanimate processes of experience, reveal the emergent nature of meaning, and disclose the inherent awkwardness and humor that echo our vulnerabilities.

Ashley Wick investigates dimensions of trust and expectation across relationships ranging from intimacy between loved ones, kinship between humans and animals, and the vast unknown between the individual and the universe. She pairs rhythmic spoken verse and song with her animations to draw the viewer into a hypnotic, immersive experience. To evoke and facilitate the immersive experience, her playfully presented animations are often structured in short loops composed of repeating images and poetic, often metaphoric language that develops new meaning with each cycle.