Everything Has Its Place is an exhibition curated by guest curator Robert Dimin at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in Bridgehampton, New York. The show kicks off the summer season in Eastern Long Island with emerging artists at the forefront of their respective disciplines. It is a strong representation of what is happening in the New York art world; highlighting its multidisciplinary nature and youthful vibrancy. Works by artists Nick Doyle, Justine Hill, Bradley LaMare, Corey Riddell, Dana Sherwood, and Bryan McGovern Wilson make up the exhibition.

Nick Doyle is a sculptor and multi-media artist with masterful carpentry skills and a vast knowledge of fabrication techniques and electronics his work is often kinetic and interactive. Justine Hill is an abstract painter using layering, line, and gesture to explore ideas of space and psychics in her abstract—scapes. Bradley LaMare uses charcoal and pencil as well as alterative materials in a drawing context to make his often abstract and sometime surreal drawings. Corey Riddell challenges the notions of contemporary photography by exploring photochemical and photomechanical based processes in sublime and delicate land and seascapes. Dana Sherwood uses non-traditional materials and unconventional methodologies that sometimes involve organic materials and elaborate confectionery as well as interventions by animals in her sculptural installations. Bryan McGovern Wilson combines photography, drawing, and all facets of sculpture like glasswork and assemblage in his detail oriented installation spaces.

Everything Has Its Place incorporates a “traditional exhibition” and alternative practice. This is the first time these artists have exhibited in Eastern Long Island. Robert Dimin has a BS from the New School and an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania he is the Director of Galerie Protégé in Chelsea, and has worked for Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in various positions from intern and art handler to now curating Everything Has Its Place.