Characterized by its extravagant and recognizable style, Stevan Radivojevic is a Serbian hairstylist.

After losing both parents he decided to move to Belgrade at nineteen years of age, with only few years of experience under his belt and lot of determination, he soon became one the most sought-after hairstylists in the Serbian capital. Today, the client list of Studio SRules includes famous singers, models and actresses.

He currently works on the sets of music videos, television shows and fashion magazines. The creative vision, technical innovation and constant improvements led him to become one of the most wanted hairdressers of the decade in the whole Serbia.

Tell us about your education and work experience, how did you learn this profession?

My education started at a very early age. Back then I started visiting a hair salon in a small town of Serbia, in which I learned the craft. While I was studying I also practised hairstyling and soon after graduation I moved to Belgrade where I attended the Hairstyle Academy and the Banking and Commerce Faculty. Later I graduated also from the Redken Academy as a hairstylist.

How would you handle a dissatisfied client?

Honestly, very weirdly! I probably wouldn't see her anymore (giggles), of course I'm only joking. In my opinion nobody can be totally unsatisfied as I'm always giving my best trying to listen and please my customers. In case the client isn't satisfied at all, I wouldn't make her pay.

How would you describe your consultation process?

I communicate extensively with the customers before dying their hair. I'm very communicative and I really do want my customers to be satisfied. We usually talk for about fifteen minutes about the colour and after the consultation process I start working.

What is the biggest challenge for a hairdresser?

I would say celebrities. I have to be innovative, find new trends and oftentimes create new hairstyles, which can be a complicated task. But I love my job, and especially the creative process.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

With no doubt working on video productions and shoots. They can last up to two or three days, so there are no break and they require a maximum level of effort, but seeing the final result of my work is an immense reward.

How would you describe an SRules Woman/Muse?

My SRules Muse is Anastasija Raznatovic, the most popular person of the young generation in Serbia. She is very charismatic, beautiful and has a great personality. It's because of her that I'm always motivated to give my best, both in energy and talent. That's why she's my SRules Muse.