Beautiful objects in gold and silver, made in Bergen over the course of 500 years.

The Silver Treasure is our permanent exhibition of gold and silver objects.

For hundreds of years Bergen has been an important centre for the production of items in gold and silver. At a time when there was little other art in Norway, this production was of a superior international standard. The tankards, spoons, jewellery and other items were important objects in people’s lives, and played important roles in both public and private rituals. For many years, when there were no banks in Norway, gold and silver objects were also a form of investment. In recent times they have become popular collector’s items.

The Silver Treasure is based on Christen Sveaas’ large gift of Bergen silver, deposits from Bergen University Museum, Norsk Folkemuseum and private collectors, as well as KODE’s own collections. The exhibition is designed in the shape of a magpie’s nest, designed by Kristin Jarmund Architects.