The work of artist Claudia Comte (b. 1983 in Lausanne, lives and works in Berlin) is characterized by her use of a simple language of forms and her engagement with different media, such as sculpture, printmaking, installation and painting, which she presents in a spatial manner.

In so doing, this artist from Western Switzerland revives traditional artisanal methods and explores the relationships between the visual languages of art history and popular culture. Comte finds the inspiration for her site-specific works in her environment: in nature, architecture and culture.

Her series of paintings “Eye to Eye” at the café of Museum Haus Konstruktiv shows elliptical canvases, on which black and white circles can be seen, which are reminiscent of comic characters' eyes. The convergent eyes, inspired by Warner Bros. “Road Runner”, satirize the visual language of the Swiss Concretists. With a mixture of humor and homage, the artist subjects the modernist heritage to a jovial rejuvenation. In so doing, she combines concrete visual elements from art with the comic.