The exhibition Eielson seeks to review the oeuvre of this major modern poet and artist, specifically situating it among the developments of the most contemporary artistic pursuits.

Best known in Latin America for his work as a poet in the so-called “Generation of the 50s” – along with other renowned proponents of Peruvian literature such as the poet Blanca Varela, or the writers Javier Sologuren, Sebastián Salazar Bondy, and Julio Ramón Ribeyro– Jorge Eduardo Eielson worked from his self-imposed exile in Europe to develop a complex and ever-changing body of work that established an unprecedented dialogue with aspects of pre-Columbian culture, and particularly with the key element of Andean quipus.

This exhibition, the first major survey dedicated to his oeuvre, seeks to highlight his exceptional position as a creator of his own personal language, a language that, rather than looking for inspiration in the pre-Hispanic past, instead manages to bring that past into the present.