A unique portrait of Kate Moss by British light artist Chris Levine, She’s Light (Laser), will go on show at the artist’s forthcoming solo exhibition at The Fine Art Society Contemporary in London.

Chris Levine has collaborated with leading make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury to create the portrait and the portrait sitting took place in March 2013 in London. The portrait is a primary work proceeding the official large-scale holographic stereogram portrait of Kate Moss that will be unveiled at Selfridges on Monday 17 June.

“There’s a spirit in Kate that seems to have struck a chord with so many. To take her beauty and translate it into light as image was what I set out to do. Given the imagery that has ever been made if her, I needed to take it beyond beauty and somewhere deeper. Her true beauty is within and that’s what I hope is projected in the form of light.” - Chris Levine, 2013

“Kate Moss is possibly photographed even more than his last sitter, Queen Elizabeth II. Head of State for our contemporary pop culture, the striking composition takes us beyond the surface and distils the icon. Levine presents his iconic sitter with having far more in common with the great muses of art history than with celebrity, she is a living, breathing Venus.” - Kate Bryan, Head of Contemporary, The Fine Art Society, 2013

Levine’s exhibition at The Fine Art Society Contemporary, Chris Levine: Light 3.142 (17 May – 15 June 2013), will act as both a survey of his light work to date and will also serve to contextualise his portraits within his immersive light installations.

Levine is perhaps best known for his portrait of the Queen, Lightness of Being (2007). This work arose from a sitting with HM The Queen for the portrait ‘Equanimity’ which was commissioned by Jersey Heritage Trust on behalf of the Island of Jersey [to mark the octocentennial of the island’s allegiance to the Crown].

Following this exhibition, the apotheosis of the She’s Light series will be unveiled in the window of Selfridges, Oxford Street. The site-specific light installation presents Kate Moss in an entirely new fashion and is made in collaboration with the leading make up artist Charlotte Tilbury.