This exhibition celebrates an important holding of Israeli art that was gifted to the Museum from the collection of Nava and Ronnie Dissentshik in memory of Shulamit and Arie Dissentshik, who served for many years as editor-in-chief of Maariv.

The display in the collection gallery focuses on a key decade, the 1970s, and its leading artistic tendencies: minimalism, conceptual art, and political engagement. A special section in the adjoining gallery is devoted to works in which the newspaper plays a central role, thematically and also as physical material or surface.

Artistic reference to newspapers and their use as readymades raises questions about reproduction versus authenticity. Among the artists featured in the exhibition are: Deganit Berest, Yair Garbuz, Michal Heiman, Raffi Lavie, Joshua Neustein, and Micha Ullman.