Twelve contemporary artists are showing their latest works in a vibrant exhibition at Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG. Curated by Renee Rilexie Strata runs from 6 th June until 11th June 2013. A Private View will be held on Thursday 6 th June from 6–9 pm and on Saturday 8th June you can enjoy tea and performance–poetry alongside the artworks.

Making and viewing art is very much an interpretive activity, much like a conversation with layers of meaning. This exhibition highlights the importance of both physical and emotional layers in the evolution of the artwork, be that photography, painting, printmaking or sculpture. Personal opinions and experiences influence how artists portray their subjects. Each layer of work has nuances of meaning, and layers work both individually and together to tell a story. As the work progresses some layers are obscured while others are revealed giving a complex and unique perspective.

Strata reveals the world that we inhabit through the individual artists’ intimate and distinctive interpretations of layers. From hidden deposits whose existence is hinted at to the bold exposure of layers, each artist brings you their own unique insight into the world: Ralph Overill’s poignant responses to the empty wastelands where he skateboards contrast with the auditory experiences that shape Renee Rilexie’s colourful work. Sculptor and installation artist Ahmed Farooqui explores the narrative of organic processes and Nick Hazzard finds his muse in chaos theory. Boat building and restoration inspire Carol-Ann Lyne’s paintings while Julia Tester’s works interpret geological formations in the landscape. The artists’ responses to the exhibition’s theme have resulted in a unique, thoughtful and challenging body of work.

Strata reveals a wealth of complementary artwork. Here you can see the layered paintings of Gianluca Pisano along with Tomas Amare’s layered photography. Robert Fitzmaurice’s textural and lyrical oil paintings with sawdust, shavings and sand sit alongside Sara Wickenden’s wax paintings that reveal concealed layers which shimmer and burst through the surface. Subjects and styles are wonderfully diverse, from contemplative photographs by Julie Eccles to Liz Whiteman Smith’s thoughtful portraits of exiles who have escaped from beneath the weight of oppressive regimes. The exhibition is akin to an archaeological dig, revealing and deconstructing a complex narrative. These artists open up a dynamic and intimate dialogue with you, the viewer. Art is a conversation and we would love you to join in by visiting this extraordinary exhibition.

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