Our Knowing and Not Knowing: Helen Maudsley is an exhibition of recent work by this senior Melbourne artist. Paintings and drawings not previously seen give an insight into Maudsley’s ongoing exploration of visual language and analogy. Abstract shapes, fragments of buildings, figures and landscapes emerge from graphic forms in these consuming works. Maudsley embraces ambiguity in her works, which she refers to as visual essays. A visual language, both personal and shared, of forms with rich and varied associations draw us into the artist’s reflections on human relationships and the world around her.

The exhibition features new paintings as well as a selection of Maudsley’s intricate drawings. Each work bears a poetic title which provides insight into the artist’s contemplations. Maudsley’s work encourages us to look closely and open our minds to association, analogy and ambiguity.

Helen Maudsley was born in Melbourne and studied at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School. She has had solo exhibitions regularly since 1957. Her work is held in numerous public collections, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria.