“The art of the pose, or “posturing” is one that dates back centuries. The exhibition Terrains of the Body presents the human figure as a study of over 50 photographs of varying positions and situations, now thought of as a photographer's essential for sketching the human form.

This exhibition maps the advancing styles of the representation of the human figure and the composition of icons alongside un-commissioned works by legendary fashion photographers as well as an interesting sculpture piece by Lars Zech. Ranging from the iconic to experiential and contemporary photography, it depicts how fashion photography is much more than merely a genre – but an embodiment of the fashion atmosphere at a specific moment, where portraiture represents the mood of that era.

The exhibition Terrains of the Body bestows the work of illustrious fashion photographers such as Erwin Blumenfeld, Arthur Elgort, Guy Bourdin, Jeanloup Sieff, Martin Sokolsky, and Jim Lee. Each of whom is the master in his own technique of luring the viewer into a dream-like atmosphere reminiscent of vintage short films that blur the worlds of fashion and express the body language with a new range of curves and contorted twists. ”

Jim Lee (1945, London) is a London-based photographer and film director. After working as a fashion photographer in the late sixties he switched to film directing, creating hundreds of commercials as well as working on several full-length features. His earlier photographs form part of the permanent collection at the V&A, with additional photographs in the archives of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. A book of his life’s work, Jim Lee / Arrested, was launched in 2012 alongside an exhibition of photographs at Somerset House. Lee’s work is regularly exhibited at galleries around the world. He occasionally chooses to collaborate on imaginative campaigns but now pursues his own creative projects, in feature films.