Isolation, alienation and solitude are all emotions we experience in our complicated lives. While technology and entertainment keep us connected and informed, they also contribute to the complexity of human relationships. At the core of those relationships is the family.

Artist Gregory Ferrand captures the loneliness we feel even when surrounded by those we love. Each of Gregory’s paintings invites us into a world of stories and beautifully portrayed details. We come to know the people who inhabit his works by the clothes they wear, the paintings they hang on their walls, the books they read and the cell phones they carry. Their sense of wariness (and Gregory's empathy) is further amplified by the stylized palettes he chooses for each painting.

Gregory earned his BA from Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus on Film and English Literature. His influences are as wide ranging as Mexican Muralists, Comic Books and 1950s fashion. He has worked as an illustrator for Mosaic Theater Company, Gala Hispanic Theater, the Washington DC JCC Theater J and numerous others. Gregory has shown at Hillyer IA and A, the McLean Project for the Arts, the Joan Hisoaka Healing Arts Gallery, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Art Whino, Artomatic and the DCAC. He is a four time recipient of the District of Colombia Artist Fellowship Grant and several illustration awards. This is his first show with Adah Rose Gallery.