My work hopes to trace the fragile, transitory fabric of the everyday. To fix or record an impression of a fragment of time and place, real or remembered. By dragging a brush across a surface from left to right. By filling a vacant space with ink. By writing my name. The image of the momentary lies within the idiosyncrasies of form and gesture that arise from situational, task driven decision-making in the studio.

The processes of writing, covering, filling, connecting or removing, when performed purposefully, record the full context of their making. Each painting lives in its own place and time, and speaks its own language.

Conversations between the work may happen in a pidgin or occasionally in full fluency. This exhibition is a collection of marks and moments from the past year, to be presented with openness and veracity.

Ian White Williams not only produces simple and elegant paintings and drawings in his Philadelphia studio, but sculpture and performance as well. He holds a BFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, and a MFA from The Ohio State University. An accomplished teacher and curator, he has recently assembled group exhibitions for the Bushwick Open Studios, Proto Gallery, and alternative spaces in Philadelphia, and has been included in several group exhibitions at Proto Gallery including We Lost Our Tails and Megalodon as well as a duo-exhibition with Ellen Siebers in 2016. He recently co-curated Amalamalamoo, a Pop up exhibition of 5 Philadelphia painters, and has participated in group shows at Boecker Contemporary, Edward Thorp Gallery, Black Box, and JB Kline Gallery.