You’ll have a hard time denying it : in a few years, through various and repeated activities, you’ve become one of the main supporters of what we call «Emerging artists». Consequently, how could I think of myself as anything else but an «Old School» representative ? Especially as in my time, I also worked towards the rediscovery of a few artists of the past who seemed essential to me.

This insult cannot be overlooked. I am therefore obligated to challenge you to an artistic duel. « Emerging Artist » versus « Living Dead », the public will pick its champion.

In order for you to pay for your offense, it is on the very field of your infamy, the « Bricks & Clicks » exhibitions that I shall summon you.

Pick an « emerging » artist and come hang up his work, I shall do the same with an « old » one.

Looking forward to the challenge. Stéphane Corréard