Giants of Jazz: Art Posters and Lithographs by Waldemar Świerzy from the Daguillard Collection pays homage to African American titans of jazz and rhythm-and-blues, the 20th-century tradition of Polish poster art and the interplay of musical and visual art.

The display includes 17 larger-than-life works by Polish artist Waldemar Świerzy (1931 - 2013). Visitors will see renditions of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles as well as three studies for a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr., a self-portrait by Świerzy and a poster for the 1988 Jazz Jamboree Festival in Warsaw, Poland.

THNOC acquired the posters, along with several other works by Świerzy, as part of a much larger and diverse acquisition from the prominent immunologist and collector Fritz Daguillard and his wife, Rita Daguillard.