Concurrently, Craig Krull Gallery is pleased to present "A Spirit Knows A Shadow Shows", a collection of all white works by Dominic Terlizzi. In this recent series, Terlizzi acts as a storyteller, baker, gleaner, mold maker, draftsman, tile setter, and mosaic architect.

By transforming paint into textured mosaics, Terlizzi addresses the suspension of belief in a material world, the presence of human spirit, and the shells it leaves behind. The textural odyssey starts with ubiquitous bread products that trade their base edible status for that of preserved paint artifacts, and expands into scavenged sundries. Labor is shared, appropriated, and displaced through readymade and homemade objects cast into paint. These objects inspire nostalgia, fantasy, humor, and an examination of current events.

As the work is ghost white, one color and simultaneously a reflection of all colors, the monochromatic texture behaves as a linguistic subtext for difference and similarity, where shadow and light allow legibility.