The Oregon Historical Society is proud to present Birds on the Wire, a gallery of bird photography featuring the work of William L. Finley and his childhood friend Herman T. Bohlman.

The exhibit reflects on Finley and Bohlman’s use of photo essays in the Sunday Oregonian to help advance their conservation goals and connect readers with the birdlife of Oregon. Their articles detailed the life cycle of birds found around Portland. Sunday readers were introduced to their winged-neighbors through intimate portraits of family life. Young broods transitioned from eggs to fledglings under the photographer’s watchful eye. Finley worked to reinforce the beneficial aspects of coexisting with birds. Humorous sketches of life in the nest emphasized the economic value and virtue of birds.

Photography also helped to illustrate the threats birds in Oregon faced. Unregulated hunting for sport and decorative plumes decimated breeding colonies. Through his writing, Finley hoped to encourage his fellow citizens to join him in rallying around the cause of bird conservation.