While on their own common objects seem to hold little meaning, when coalesced with human practice of fastening emotional connections and personal stories to them, that we actually empower and breath life into these otherwise inanimate material. The Ordinary, the Extraordinary, and the Unknown, challenges it’s viewers to discover the meaning of objects and their connections to the city, while also provoking curiosity and imagination when exploring a selection from the Museum’s collection of over 100,000 pieces.

On display in three of the Museum’s gallery spaces, viewers are presented with objects used by both well-known and ordinary Philadelphians. The exhibition includes iconic pieces such as the wampum belt dating back to around 1683 received by William Penn from the Lenape people, as well as everyday objects that remind us of who we are and where we are from like a typical Quaker wedding bonnet from 1860.

Each gallery features interactive elements to enhance the visitor experience, including Explore More, multiple interactive iPads and monitors that allow visitors to learn more about the objects on display.