At its recently opened Milan venue, Cortesi Gallery is pleased to present ne ho solo 80… (“I’m only 80”), an exhibition dedicated to Grazia Varisco on her 80th birthday.

Intended as an homage to the artist’s long career, it features works and studies—some shown here for the first time—from very different periods, highlighting the investigation she has assiduously, systematically pursued for almost sixty years now.

Moving through the show, visitors encounter a constant succession of experiments that strive to maintain and convey an interest in the interplay of rules and chance within the flow of time.

It is an investigation that keeps pausing for reflection and picking up again; from a formal standpoint, it unfolds through a range of different images in which one can make out a single guiding thread.

Since Varisco’s initial kinetic phase with Gruppo T, she has travelled a path of inquiry centered on revealing the connections between space and time, through perceptual and interactive experiences.

Her artistic practice is still ongoing and vibrant, and the selection of works on view presents various aspects of Grazia’s oeuvre: from magnetic games, to modifications of visual rules, to dynamic explorations of the image, all tied together by a single imperative: discipline of vision.