Through a selection of existing videos and previously unseen works of art, the Raw Identities collective exhibition offers a reflection on the concepts of identity and its possible freedom, as each artist comes from a different world in which they have already experienced a certain mobility of their own identity.

As active and creative witnesses of our era, they misappropriate social codes and dupe their public by throwing these codes into question, thus piquing curiosity. Whether a temporary change, cross-dressing or a sex change, these artists define themselves through the non-binary, the mixing of race, but above all, through a fluidity of meanings and actions, and creation as a whole.

Who am I? Who are you? Who do you see me as? How do they create these intimate and unique versions of their identities and, consequently, how do they fit in, through the eyes of those around them?

How do they judge the relationships between themselves and the media, the institutions and even, art?