The exhibition debuts an arsenal of sculptures forged from discarded materials. The artist’s practice is anchored in an impulsive drive to collect from his surroundings. Shapiro re-contextualizes bottle caps, studs, and crystals into ornate relics. The objects are harrowing yet delicate, reminiscent of archeological treasures from a bygone civilization. This new collection of masks, vessels, and weapons confront the viewer to reflect upon obsession, protection, and identity.

Many of the pieces in “From Ash to Diamonds” predominately incorporate shattered auto glass, which the artist refers to as ‘street diamonds’. The material alludes to the artist’s long history in the San Francisco Bay Area, where car break-ins are a tragically common occurrence. By contemplating value and the enviability of loss, the work invites us to "forge a new beginning."

Shapiro will also stage a special performance during the exhibition’s opening. Animating his new sculptures in a ceremonial ritual, the artist will challenge individuals to seek resolve from past misgivings.