India Dickinson is pleased to present ‘The Paper Works’, Jack Penny’s first solo exhibition in London. ‘The Paper Works’ exhibits the artist’s diverse combination of work that deviates between restless abstraction and figurative painting. Jack Penny invites you to explore his perception of society through this recent series of works on paper.

His work narrates social situations, encounters he sees in pubs and bars and how people behave in these social spaces. The expression on these characters are so familiar and enticing that it feels like you have been there before.

The paintings are created in a rapid fluid movement, allowing the artist to be liberal with his gestures. The use of simple materials allow him to stretch the method and subject out of his comfort zone. Penny’s traditional way of painting exposes his artistic vulnerability, leaving nothing to hide behind. This stems from a disenchantment with modern technology and a drive to keep his work elementary in its development. Penny has spent a lot of time in Europe and earlier this year was invited to take part in exhibitions in Berlin and Barcelona. Despite the social nature of his paintings, the artist prefers to work and live in isolation in his studio on the south coast of England. This separation from the subject and the unknown figures featured in his work, adds a layer of intrigue to his paintings.

There is an observational quality to Penny’s work and a deconstructive and analytical approach to his subjects. His paintings show a subtle longing for a more physical world, disconnected from technology, and embracing human to human conversations.

Jack Penny (B.1988) is a British artist currently working from a studio near Portsmouth. Penny studied at Chichester college of art and briefly went on to study Illustration at Brighton University.

Recent exhibitions: ‘The Strain’ at Studio Sienko, London (2015). ‘Jack Penny’ at Chichester Gallery, West Sussex (2015). ‘Reaction To’ at Cob Gallery, London (March, 2016). ‘Waiting Room’ at Hoxton Market, London (September, 2016). ‘Further Away’ at Copeland Gallery (June 2016). ’Jack Penny at AKA’ Berlin (July, 2016). Previous talks: South Kensington Club (February, 2016). Hoxton Market (September, 2016).