Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce the first US exhibition of work by London-based artist Christopher Gee, Elsewhere.

Elsewhere, in the quiet provinces the artist can easily find himself surrounded by melancholias. Lost in thought he sits at the secluded windows of his medieval digs, a strange twilight flowing all about him, and without so much as stirring he sends his daydreams out onto the sweeping landscape. No one comes. Nothing disturbs his reverie. An inexpressible silence rules the surrounds.

Working with a muted palette, Christopher Gee creates small scale paintings that interrupt one’s sense of time and place. Gee’s subjects, animal and pallid human alike, are refined in their unwavering gaze. Darkly stylized renderings of British and Northern European landscapes display a reverence for the interaction between architectural structures and the environments they inhabit. These portraits and landscapes are linked together under celestial bodies in constant eclipse. The consistent depiction of the sun as a sliver of itself lends yet another layer of mysticism to Gee’s oeuvre, which resides firmly in the eerie.

Christopher Gee, born 1987 in Portsmouth, England earned a BA in Drawing from Camberwell College of Art in 2010, and an MA in Drawing from Wimbledon College of Art in The artist currently resides in London, where he has lived and worked for thirteen years.