For his first solo show in Italy, French artist Bruno Botella (1976, living in Paris) will present a selection of works made between 2012 and 2017.

Characterised by a highly experimental spirit - both for the use of innovative materials and techniques, as well as for the attention dedicated more to the process than the result - Botella's work is one of the most original to have emerged on the French scene in recent years. Focused on sculpture, Botella subverts and reinvents traditional processes, with results that are divided equally between provocation, humour and a subtle vein of cruelty.

Among the exhibited works we highlight Qotrob (2012), a plasticine mixed with psychotrophic substances, able to give hallucinations to those who try to shape it; Prognosticator (2017), a sculpture set in an aquarium full of leeches, that Botella modelled whilst feeding the animals with his own blood; Oborot (2012), a silicone cast of the artist’s head where his own hair has remained attached, a sort of bizarre and bloodless “scalp”.