'Travelling Light' presents the latest work by emerging Australian artist Brock Q. Piper, and marks his first solo exhibition in Sydney. The title of the exhibition, 'Travelling Light', refers to the ironic weightlessness of things that weigh heavy on our mind.

Brock Q. Piper's work takes inspiration from archetypal spirituality, using animals in motion to portray emotions or memories. This particular body of work is based on his experiences growing up in country NSW and explores the image of the bird as a metaphor for human memories. The fleeting moment of a bird plucked from the sky mid-flight can be likened to the way in which memories are experienced. Fragments that come and go from our present; appearing, then lost again. They seem to twist and change and reform in our minds, barely tangible and constantly evolving with the addition of time and experience.

"I want to make paintings that have a personal resonance for each viewer; that stir up the past and make them think and feel. I want the paintings to take on a life of their own and to have a soul. I want them to "live" with you." - Brock Q. Piper on his artistic intentions.

'Travelling Light' is an ambitious and visually striking exhibition; a melange of dazzling colours and forms that leap from the canvas, reach out and pull you in.