Urban artist Day-z’s upcoming solo exhibition, ’99 Problems’ brings a collection of provocative new works surrounding themes of contemporary social and political culture, all of which incorporate the tongue-in-cheek interpretation Day-z has quickly become known for. The show ignites topical themes of a new era, and Day-z plays upon these by contrasting modern issues with famous classic paintings or traditional cartoon characters - whether this be Snow White listening to her Apple iPod or Caravaggio’s Saint Jerome sporting a New York baseball cap.

’99 Problems’ sees Day-z’s clever wit and playfulness take on dismal topical and humanitarian issues such as our obsession with global brands or humankind’s wealth vs the destruction of the planet. With this, the show pays homage to the craft and techniques learned from classical masters with her own signature style of drawing. A revitalisation of the old in to new in this way is also a nod to the likes of Banksy and other anti-authoritarian urban artists who address issues surrounding the downfall of humankind with a touch of humour.

Day-z's works in the show reveal a fine understanding of the charm and tribulations of popular culture and impeccable technical abilities in drawing. Last year, she was named one of After Nyne magazine’s ‘9 Artist’s to Look Out For’ and in 2015 was awarded the Derwent Art Prize ‘People’s Choice Award’.

Day-Z is a London born artist who was recently featured in I-M Magazine, as part of their feature, ‘The Rise of Young Talent.’ Creating extremely skilfully drawn artworks in pencil, Day-z’s work offers a playful yet raw outlook on Western society, culture and consumerism with a touch of the sinister or satirical. In 2016 she was featured in After Nyne magazine’s ‘9 Artists To Look Out For’ and in 2014 was awarded the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the Derwent Art Prize.

As a Fine Art graduate from Central St Martins, Day-Z fuses techniques learned from the old and new masters with concurrent ideas found among today’s street art and advertising