The Frank art gallery in Pembroke Pines presents “Visual Therapy – The Effects of Art as Manifestation on Artist and Viewer,” an exhibition showcasing the work of 14 different artists that looks at the impact of art on both the artist and the viewer.

The multidisciplinary exhibition, curated by Stacy Conde, gallery director of Conde Contemporary, will open Thursday, September 28 with a reception and special performance piece by Alma Dance Theater from 6 to 8 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Visual Therapy examines the psychological motivations of the artists and the response their work evokes in the viewer. Through video installations, photorealistic, academic and expressionistic portraiture, conceptual art, surrealism, photography and performance art, visitors will have a direct view into the mind of the artistic creators.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Anthony Ardavin, Julio Figeroa Beltran, Patricio Gonzalez Bezanilla, Bill Bilowit, Andres Conde, Luis Enrique Toledo Del Rio, Agnes Grochulska, Natasha Kertes, Marylin Loddi, Reynier Llanes Marquez, Darian Rodriguez Mederos, Raiman Rodriguez Moya, Luis Rodriguez Noa and Enrique Toledo.

“Though conventional wisdom would have us focus on art and not the artist, Visual Therapy takes a deeper dive into how it was created and what it elicits,” said Conde. “Some emotions will correlate and others will be completely opposite. What is so amazing about art is how people interpret it.”