In his most recent photographic work, Mahir Jahmal moves further and further, sometimes even completely liberating his images from a motive. Starting from analogue large format photography, he focuses on the borderlines of this medium. His experimental work in the darkroom allows him to fathom transitions from classic photography to new kinds of artistic expression. Elements of painting techniques enter his work, through crumpling his photographs he achieves plasticity and gives them a relieflike quality.

By breaking stereotypes, he invites us to perceive photography in new ways. Urban motives dissolve into graphic structures, allowing us to recognise the basic motive only at a second glance. White marks, angular fissures and blurs became part of craggy landscapes, enhancing their jagged appearance. At times the artist even relinquishes the use of camera and negative, but nevertheless develops impressive and mysterious images through photographic techniques.

Mahir Jahmal, born in 1986 in Vienna, studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.