The Xippas Gallery is celebrating its seventh anniversary in Uruguay. Over this period, it has held more than 30 exhibitions in its premises in the old part of town in Montevideo, and in Punta del Este.

From the beginning, the gallery had two purposes. On the one hand, to show the works of renowned international artists, displayed in Uruguay for the first time. On the other, to organize exhibits of the best national artists, with whom we began to collaborate when we arrived in the country, and then to export their exhibitions to European venues.

A Celebration presents a wide-ranging collective exhibition which travels to different moments in

the history of the gallery in Uruguay and combines with current episodes. A brief synthesis of the past and some new features of our overall programme as it is at present.

This is the group of artists who have taken part in our shows; we shall be celebrating with many of them in this anniversary exhibition:

Peter Halley, Chuck Close, Vera Lutter, Dan Walsh, Janaina Tschäpe, Vik Muniz, André Butzer, Eduardo Stupía, Cao Guimarães, Dani Umpi, Marco Maggi, José Manuel Broto, Yamandú Canosa, Ricardo Lanzarini, Ian Davenport, Darren Almond, Sigismond de Vajay, Dean Monogenis, Jeremy Dickinson, Yvan Salomone, Pedro Varela, Lucas Samaras, Takis.