Seeing believing is a very special hand-crafted object that marks and celebrates a new chapter in Garry Fabian Miller's work and life as an artist.

It is released as his traditional darkroom activity comes to an end, and preparations begin for a series of projects that will radiate out from Garry's home and studio on Dartmoor. Closely linked to the Victoria and Albert Museum, these new projects will involve poetry, music and performance, and a new retrospective monograph.

Just one hundred copies of the book will be printed, stitched and set into a cloth-covered presentation box. Twenty copies have been created as a special edition reserved for museum benefit, and thirty for our gallery patrons - in these two editions there will be two prints: a choice out of five camera–less limited edition prints, and out of two documentary ‘weather’ prints.

Further documentary prints are available with a boxed book in a collectors edition of 25, and a standard edition of 25 – these editions including only one print each.