See the beauty of turbulence in a fluid, trace the movement of water down a stream to a waterfall, and find out how an oxbow is formed in a river in this set of indoor and outdoor exhibits about water and its movement.

In this flowing stream you can dam the water, divert it into a whirlpool, or simply watch as water tumbles around boulders. The myriad stones in the granite cascade allow water to flow around them in swirling streams, or to pool in quiet out-of-the-way corners that allow for the contemplation of the movement and mystery of water.

Watch fluids as they move by shapes, and see how smooth flow becomes turbulent as the fluid passes around an object. As a special fluid moves past cut-outs in the exhibit wall, the turbulent motion of the fluid shows in bands of color as it passes around a number of different shapes. Discover the difference between fluid motion around a smooth object and one with sharp edges.