The City of Salzburg with its picturesque Baroque core and green areas is famous across the world. In the Panorama Museum, the city’s special aura is present in the great painted cyclorama by Johann Michael Sattler.

In 2017, Salzburg is celebrating two anniversaries which are directly connected to the preservation of the city. Fifty years ago, in 1967, Austria’s first Historic City Preservation Law was enacted here in Salzburg. In 1997, Salzburg’s historic city was adopted into the UNESCO World Heritage Site list; 2017 marks the twentieth year of its inclusion.

In this exhibition, we want to show not only the architecture of Salzburg but also some of the documentarists of the city with their works from the Salzburg Museum collection. Artists have always been very important, and Salzburg is a living city with a very active cultural scene. Considering its status as a World Heritage Site, the city must not only be mindful of its architectural history, but also bear responsibility for the preservation and inventory of its cultural heritage.