These three painters each influenced Salzburg in different ways during the Baroque era. Johann Michael Rottmayr, born in Laufen – then part of Salzburg – produced his first frescoes in the Alte Residenz. Paul Troger came from Habsburgian South Tyrol and began his artistic career in Salzburg with the dome fresco in St. Cajetan’s Church. And the Lower Austrian Martin Johann Schmidt, known as Kremser Schmidt, supplied all altarpieces for St. Peter’s Abbey, with two exceptions.

The exhibition focuses on the oil paintings that were created for Salzburg or found their way into Salzburg museums. Besides information on patrons and installation locations, the exhibition aims to provide in-depth information first and foremost on the iconography of the pictures.

The exhibits were among the selection of Baroque masterpieces that were on show from October 2016 until January 2017 in the exhibition “Geste baroque” at the Louvre.