Eric Cruikshank (Edinburgh) will present new works from 2017 in his solo show Clear Light Day – Soft Dark Night at Das Esszimmer.

The starting point for these works is the landscape, not as a literal representation, but instead focusing on the emotive qualities of place. Using an objective palette tied to his family’s home in the Scottish highlands, colour acts as a vehicle to reveal the picture planes underlying points of reference; with the structure, design, and colour harmony being grounded in the everyday, the viewer is encouraged to readdress notions of their surroundings, where the familiar is opened up and made full of possibility.

Daniel F. Herrmann, Eisler Curator & Head of Curatorial Studies at Whitechapel Gallery, London (UK) describes Eric Cruikshank’s work approach as “…analysing the qualities of colour and light. Instead of imitating landscapes, it explores notions of painterly space. And instead of illustrating stories, it investigates the process of painting itself.” and “With its focus on the chromatic qualities and the process of painting, Eric Cruikshank’s work stands in a long art historical tradition.”