Enter the world of color. Live animals and stunning interactive environments take you over the rainbow and reveal the significant roles color plays across a spectrum of species.

See color for what it truly is: a major player in the natural world. From mating rituals to survival tactics, color plays a crucial part in the day-to-day life of countless species, and reveals the interconnectedness of life.

Explore color’s influence on animal behavior in a variety of habitats, from ocean floors to forest canopies. Walk among live birds, insects, and cephalopods displaying bold and surprising color patterns to see firsthand how various adaptive strategies—like camouflage and bioluminescence—allow animals to survive and thrive.

See and hear what color can tell us about the health of the environments where these organisms live. Zoom in and examine butterfly wings and beetle shells with GIGAmacro™ imaging, and you’ll see life on an unprecedented (chromatic) scale.