Gallerist and Art Curator specializing in Cuban based Contemporary Art. Bryant Toth Fine Art is not only committed to introducing under-represented Cuban artists to new markets, but also diversify the traditional gallery model through unique exhibitions in domestic and international markets. Bryant collaborates with a diverse group of Cuban artists whose work is extensive in style and medium. Bryant Toth has produced and curated Cuban art exhibitions throughout Manhattan, New Orleans, Nashville, and Miami—most recently consecutive sold out exhibitions in Chelsea New York.

Hector Frank – Cuban Expressions, is Mr. Frank’s third solo exhibition yet first exhibition on the West Coast. Following years of notable success, global exposure, and a two sold out exhibition in Chelsea New York 2015 & 2016—Bryant Toth Fine Art is honored to share a new collection of his recent work. This show will focus on a series of portraits on wood as well as mixed media paintings on Canvas.

The texture and depth of Mr. Frank’s pieces can be seen through his choice of materials, fluid brush strokes and intricate focus on details.

“Lo que me inspira somos nosotros los seres humanos con todas las fuerzas y emociones que traemos dentro y que no siempre exteriorizamos pero que a la vez nos delatan en nuestro comportamiento, nuestras miradas, etc Entonces creo mis personajes con una manera muy particular de atrapar sentimientos y visiones, son estas las que nos caracterizan y nos hacen comunicarnos sin que medien palabras.

“What inspires me are human beings - with all the forces and emotions that we bring in and not always externalize but at the same time we betray our behavior, our eyes, etc. Then think of my characters (portraits) with a very particular way to catch feelings and visions are these that characterize us and make us communicate without reasonable words.”