All works are based on a photo process, either directly or indirectly, and present a variety of approaches to the current use of the medium. Subjects range from figurative images to landscape to object depiction with usually indirect intentions toward the viewer.

Arias, Botero, and Rumié are bringing social issues into play, while Goldhagen's industrial imagery and process, including metals and hand-made glass, highlight his nostalgic emotion toward the aesthetic of past times. Miller's constructed photo works are colorful abstract pieces inspired by elements in nature, while Hawkins' elegant and serene classical black and white images bring our pristine landscapes into a presence most welcome.

Pam White and Avery Danziger do staged figurative subjects and Roseman finds intriguing subjects through happenstance as they present themselves to his ever ready camera and eye for amazing composition. Pedersen documents urban surfaces with wonderfully accomplished works, many from street scenes in China.