MOCA recently partnered with Richmond-based artist Matt Lively to create "27 Beecycles" on the back of the Stark and Legum Menswear shop in Norfolk's Neon District.

According to the artist, "The 27 Beecycles capture the single-mindedness of bees, flying in one direction, as one unit, and with one purpose. The evolution of an attached bicycle wheel stems from my interest in man using science to change nature. The “27” is for each year that the MOCA has been operating in it’s current form - plus one year.”

Matt Lively will have a solo exhibition at MOCA's Satellite Gallery in the Vibe Creative District at Towne Pavilion II opening in April 2016.

I am an artist living in Richmond, Virginia. I work in a 130 year old barn that is close to my family. A lot of things get made in the barn and some of it is shown nationally and internationally. When not in the studio, I teach at VisArts and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

I make images that suggest a story without a beginning or end. Learning to stop before the painting reveals too much is the most delicate aspect of my process.

It is a real privilege to make a living doing this job. I have high standards - sometimes I hit them and sometimes I don't. I do not consider being overly precious beneficial for my work. I am consistent, work hard and do everything that I know to do to improve but, I allow things to happen naturally while painting. I avoid pretentiousness by working quickly and knowing that my methods and materials are smarter than me.