I am interested in the prevalence of the myths on which our modern societies are built. We spend our time telling stories, talking about things that do not exist like gods, laws, justice, money, human rights and democracy. My proposals question the effectiveness and the legitimacy of these imaginary fictions that humans have created in order to be able to live together.

With Make Yourself Comfortable, I tried to awaken the political animal that hibernated in me, (in)voluntarily sleeping with overly complex or simplistic political speeches. As an interior decorator and even a seasoned housewife, I created a hybrid space, somewhere between a meeting room and a family lounge, at the crossroads of politics and domestic life. Logos borrowed from political and financial organizations serve as decorative motifs for the different elements of this living room. A video clip, which unceasingly repeats in a loop, sells us our unsung tomorrows.

Following the banking and financial crisis of 2008, many banks went under whilst others sought to improve their image. But money is no longer gold. Since 1971, the race to virtualize money has been steadily accelerating and the working couple, the father and mother of the alienated individual, are tirelessly turning to the virtual money board to keep their heads above water. But the iceberg is melting. And this is not a figure of speech. It's All About You is a love song. A promise, a hope, a broken relationship in which one seeks to restore confidence. Because everything is on trust, confidence in growth, confidence in the future. The belief that tomorrow everything will be better than today.

Before, humans knew where the sun was. Today, they live in bubbles of light. Forests have become foreign to them, dangerous or indifferent. However, their survival depends on the willingness of imaginary fictions such as the United States, the World Bank, global Southern debt, the International Monetary Fund, G-20, the European Union or Goldman Sachs. The Solar Economy leans towards the construction of a capitalist ideal through magazines advertisements from the 1980s. These ads reflect the technological race that drove economic growth. But our economy is solar. Will the man who takes himself for a god burn his wings ? Meanwhile, we are circling in the circle of eternal production. Amen.