With work by Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Nina Canell, Leo Copers, Honoré d’O, Lili Dujourie, Luciano Fabro, Barry Flanagan, Jef Geys, Maarten Herman, Louise Lawler, Kris Martin, Carsten Nicolai, Oksana Pasaiko, Juan Pablo Plazas, Hannelore Van Dyck, Herman Van Ingelgem, Emma Van Roey, Pieter Vermeersch, Henk Visch, Heidi Voet and Cathy Wilkes.

Wim Lambrecht (1973, Ghent) is the head, a lecturer and a researcher at the Sint-Lucas Visual Arts campus (Ghent) of the LUCA School of Arts. He is in addition also an artist and curator. His recent research projects and exhibitions have revealed his interest in the moving image. In this area, he focuses not only on the projected moving image, as in film and video, but also on the image that moves physically in relation to the audience, as in performance, theatre and concerts. Lambrecht’s interest in fragility and in ephemeral and temporary art forms provides the starting point for this exhibition. Interventions, encounters and performances are planned to take place in the course of the presentation.