Baert gallery is delighted to present the first Los Angeles solo show by London based artist Ludovica Gioscia, 'Infinite Present'.

The title refers to the non-linear and atemporal modus operandi that Gioscia has adopted throughout the last few years. Her artworks are in a constant flux of becoming; often composed from fragments of past and present works, as well as fragments from other dimensions.

The studio has a prominent role in Gioscia’s practice: here artworks produced by her future self appear, to be joined by works from alternative multiverses and others that the artist recreates from her dreams. Gioscia sees this process as a mirroring of the different temporal realities that have emerged in consequence of the digital revolution.

The show is comprised of numerous works, with two large installations taking centre stage, both informed by a dream that Gioscia had in September 2016. In this dream she had painted an abstract expressionistic canvas that hovered in mid air with a glowing aura. It contained everything, just like the Internet. It was at once singular and expansive.

'Dream Gate' is formed by 11 Portals –part of a series that Gioscia sees as surfaces of contact between different dimensions– suspended at different heights, one of which is a recreation of the painting from the dream.

The other installation is formed by three large-scale letters spelling 'PAN', the Greek prefix to imply the union of all. The letters cast a shadow, formed from numerous other artworks, including cosmetics from multiverses.