The sound artist Siri creates an imaginary universe in "Habitable", his solo exhibition that takes place between August 5 and September 30, 2017 at the Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica – Rio de Janeiro. On the opening day [05/08, 10h-20h], Siri - who is a training musician, intends to dialogue with his creation in a sound performance [18h]. Visitation is free.

For the exhibition, the artist presents sculptures, photographs and sound installations of imaginary living spaces, which occupy the entire second floor of the Carioca museum. The exhibition "Livable" seeks to investigate the meanders between our earthly microcosm and the utopian macrocosm to understand the designs that govern our existence.

Like a transverse astronaut adorned with the garments of multiparty languages, he entered the backyard of his house in the bucolic neighborhood of Santa Teresa (Rio de Janeiro) and made an unusual trip. In this way, moved by the enchantment of his new habitat: orchard, vegetable garden, bees, quails and chickens, he had proved his thesis in which his terrestrial microcosm was equated in all human and divine proportions with the utopian macrocosm.

In "Habitables", sound sculptures invite the public to orbit a universe full of multidisciplinary and sensorial entrails provoking the viewer to go beyond their hearing and visual abilities.

Siri creates his own constellation with photographic record of 10 inhabitable imaginary exoplanets that orbit another solar system created from the first eggs of their hens and quail. "Nest", composite sound installation for exhibition, refers to its genesis. This anthropophagic and hungry posture makes him a distinguished artist, insofar as he does not dissociate the art of life.

He was born in 1974, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Percussionist by training, in 1999/2000, he graduated as a drummer for the Los Angeles Music Academy in the United States, and deepened his studies of Indian and African percussion at Sangeet World Music School (Pasadena / CA).

In 2011, he was invited by the London Olympic Committee to live and produce work for one month at the London London Olympic Project at the Battersea Art Center in London. In 2013, he was invited to the artistic residency at the Cité International des Arts, in Paris (France).

He made the soils "Escalas Variáveis" (2016) and "Oroboro" (2015, also in Espaço Movimento Contemporâneo Brasileiro, RJ), both in Galeria Mezanino (SP); "The Virgins in Shoals and the Color of Auras" (2016) in the Bispo do Rosário Museum (RJ); "Je Ma Siri skin" (2014) at Casa França Brasil (RJ); "Sonorous Landscape" (2014) at Casa Daros (RJ); "Liana Ampliathum" (2014) in Lage Park (RJ); "Blank Page" and "Old London Swing," both in 2012 at the Victoria and Albert Museum and V22 respectively in London; "Abre Alas" (2011) in Gentil Carioca (RJ); "Fronteiriços" (2011) at Emma Thomas Gallery (SP); "No Tranco" (2011) no Brazil Tudo é ... in Florence (Italy); "Distortions" (2011) at Casa França Brasil (RJ); "Boate" (2010) at Arthur Fidalgo Gallery (RJ) and "Obra Prima" (2001) at VERBO - Galeria Vermelho (SP).

In solo career since 2004, he released 4 CDs and won the Brazilian Music Prize in 2010. From 2007, he entered the universe of plastic arts without abandoning elements that constituted his musical experience.

The projects Rumos Itaú Cultural 2005/2006 and Petrobrás Cultural Program 2007/2008 were selected for the 44th Salão de Arte Contemporânea Luiz Sacilotto (2016, in Santo André / SP). Participated in the International Electronic Language Festival - FILE (São Paulo, SP / 2007), XVII Contemporary Music Biennial (RJ). He presented his work at Portikus (Frankfurt, 2013), NBK-Gallery (Berlin, 2013), Helio Oiticica Cultural Center (Rio de Janeiro, RJ / 2012), among others.