Pace Beijing is honored to announce teamLab: Living Digital Forest and Future Park, the first major solo exhibition of teamLab in China. This is also the fourth exhibition held by Pace Gallery worldwide as this multidisciplinary art group continues to expand the boundaries of artistic expression with cutting-edge technologies. This immersive site-specific exhibition will be on view at Pace Beijing from May 20 to October 10, 2017.

In recent years, teamLab has conquered audiences in London, Paris, Milan, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul with their highly imaginative exhibition experiences, and provoked intense discussions on internet. In 2016, Pace made waves in Silicon Valley when it initiated its new program Pace Art + Technology with the exhibition of teamLab. As a continuous exhibition, teamLab: Living Digital Forest and Future Park at Pace Beijing features fifteen of teamLab’s most representative works in the 1500 square meter exhibition space, bringing their unique artistic world of digital technology to Chinese audiences.

“It’s the most ambitious and challenging exhibition by teamLab to date”, says by Peter Boris, Executive Vice President of Pace Gallery, who presented the first teamLab exhibition at Pace and currently works to develop Pace Art + Technology, “It is an evolution of teamLab’s imagination and technical skills and is born from the lessons of exhibitions with Pace Gallery over the last 3 years. It marks the close of a cycle of growth for teamLab and provides clues to the future direction of their work.”

This exhibition presents, for the first time, the large-scale interactive digital installation Flower Forest: Lost, Immersed and Reborn. This latest work in the teamLab’s most famous series uses provocative spatial methods to transform the Bauhaus structure of Pace Beijing into a synesthetic labyrinth that breaks the traditional experience of the visit. Using real-time projections and interactive technology, the artwork shifts and grows under the influence of the viewer's actions, releasing the work from the limitations of fixed form and immersing the viewer in an entirely new experience. This breaking and reconstruction of traditional forms, and dissolution of established boundaries, are found throughout teamLab's 16-year creative trajectory. This new media art group of over 400 specialists brings together leaders from every realm of today's digital society in hopes of transcending the boundaries between art and technology. Just as the name “teamLab” implies, this elite team carries out collaborative experiments to challenge traditional forms of expression and push the world in a more positive direction.

This spirit of co-creation is also embodied in the “Future Park” space they created for children. This globally-acclaimed project is also presented in Beijing. The five works in this exhibition area, including Sketch Aquarium and A Table where Little People Live, encourage children to use their imaginations to build unique worlds. The final artworks will be the result of everyone’s participation, and will be instantly interactive, showing children how rich, diverse and interconnected the world is.

This exhibition also presents teamLab's most recent works from 2017, the Fleeting Flowers series, which is shown to the public for the first time. This series uses digital technology to create a dynamic painting depicting vivid images of animals in countless flowers that constantly bloom and wither, at once expanding the expressive forms of color and making a metaphor for the connected, cyclical nature of natural life. The reinterpretation of nature has always been one of the core themes of teamLab's works. Their dazzling technical spectacles often conceal questions about human existence, and their artworks strive to give urbanites a new sense of the vitality of life in the natural world, and new realizations of their own connection to the world around them.