Dubbed as one of the most influential pioneer of Taiwan’s street art movement, graffiti artist Reach began his journey since 1995.

Best known for his signature Pink Bear & Blue Cat, he employs his clean and clear colors with well-crafted contouring to reflect his persistence in life for perfection. Apart from being an artist, Reach continued to explore and experiment with design, photography and vast layers of media, and collaborated with many of the industry’s heavyweights.

In 2008, Reach published his first publication, “ Tooya! Taiwan Grafitti ”, and has continued to establish his place on the global platform. He also participated to the fullest extent in all of the extremes; whether exhibiting at galleries around the globe, painting on canvases, walls or crafting large-scale murals, he aims to raise culture awareness through his work. In 2014 Reach took parts in Pow! Wow! Hawaii and later acted as Creative Director for Pow! Wow! Taiwan to help push local street art culture abroad.

Catherine Grossrieder is an artist who resides in Hong Kong. Having been born in Bangkok and brought up in Hong Kong, she’s been influenced by a multitude of Asian and Japanese style cartoons. Combined with the graffiti and hiphop culture, it has molded the style of her art that we know today.

The mind’s imagination and her cultural and social conditioning are sources of creativity. Having lived in Hackney in London, where there was an abundance of fast food shops, namely chicken shops. Grossrieder has decided to make it the leading theme of her art during that period and approached it in her cartoon mascot-meets-graffiti character style. Sexual elements were also added to the art to convey the momentary feeling of ecstasy and euphoria that depicts urban life. Observant of her surroundings, cultures and quirks, Grossrieder turns them into visual satires or dedications through visual narration and paintings.