Alex Ziv’s minimal compositions are masterly executed, engaging the viewer in their technical achievement and intricate visual balance. Moving outside of traditional rectangular dimensions, each piece is specifically formatted to mirror its graphic components. Dark lines simultaneously link and fragment the varying figures, leading the eye through a web of colorful insignias.

Ziv’s work centers around personal iconography, and the connection of symbols to memories. Emblems of motorcycle culture, traditional flash tattoo, and vintage typography present an intimate portrait of the artist. He elaborates, “I pick, pull, remove, isolate, and appropriate imagery from a variety of sources to create a new personal map for my identity, and leave markers in which others can relate and follow.

Humans are visual beings, we want to read, we like following lines, and building my own semiotic vocabulary to portray to others an acting gateway into something deeper.” The exhibition title “Cut Away(s)” references the unique shape of each piece and also alludes to the inherent escapism of the American landscape, a “lust to be lost”.