Now that my darling Cosmic Latte Lullaby is open to the elements she is responding , quite spontaneously and unpredictably to our typical British Summer and as she inhales and exhales the ceiling dramatically rises and then falls as she breathes and sings in the breeze, I can't believe that what I have really created is a Cosmic Weather Machine !

(Sally Buchanan Artist)

Sally Buchanan is a London based multi media artist and a 2007 graduate of Central Saint Martins. She combines conceptual principles with craft and a dash of wit to make sculptures, site specific installations, embroideries and land-art. Her work is eclectic and original.

Her latest project is Cosmic Latte Lullaby, an open air installation comprising a highly reflective, aluminium coated, Mylar film draped like a blanket over a scaffolding frame. This room or viewing chamber represents an observatory from which to view the 'Celestial sky'. There is one large significant central fenestration in the ceiling, creating a main source of light and myriad tiny fenestrations in the rest of the roof. It is semi-sheltered but connected to the elements. The view from the interior is almost like an ‘other worldly experience.’

'The walls and ceiling are semi reflective and translucent and create a surreal veil of silver over the normal sky and the fenestrations and central light shaft permit multiple internal reflections. The Lullaby is the sound of the space blanket crackling in the breeze and much more subtly the idea that the current politically and scientifically manufactured version of a description of the reality of The Universe puts us quietly to sleep.

The installation plays with the belief that the simple perception of light can be very easily manipulated to create an environmental illusion’.