Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Lithuanian Artist Gedvile Grace Bunikyte in Hong Kong titled "In ToTo" on view from 1 July - 15 July, 2017.

Gedvile Grace Bunikyte is one of those thirsty for knowledge and cognition, who devoted her life to crack the code of logos, nature and being. She builds her knowledge in philosophy, physics, psychology, spirituality, and mysticism. The way she expresses her reasoning is wordless, symbolic and abstract, as she has created her own language in drawings – language which is similar to that of Aristotle’s only because it is presented on a piece of paper by using writing utensils.

Her works are minimalistic and yet astonishing due to the abstraction and conceptualisation that, if to put into a words, would be hard to understand but possible for most people to feel. Brilliant Tolstoy’s observation, "an artist is a man who can draw and paint everything." Notwithstanding that, it is possible to catch the notion of her work, you can see light symbols of nature here and there, and the titles speak for themselves too. Still her work is not in any way constricting or veiled in obstacles, but rather it empowers the imagination and intellect of spectators.