Inês Valle is a transcultural curator, art consultant, specializing in Aboriginal contemporary arts and culture, global curating, international social engaged art practices, art and communities, and in intercultural dialogues. Believing in the international and interdisciplinary preservation and exchange of ideas she has initiated and participated in several projects that aim to stimulate a global - interchanging - and - understanding of the conceptual notion of the ‘other’, not to insert or present alternatives to dominant hegemonic narratives but to interrupt, interrogate and investigate the effects and possibilities of the unheard and the omitted ones. Currently she is the Curator of NR Project in London.

Mara Alves is a Portuguese Artist & Curator based in London. She graduated in Painting and Drawing at (Center for Art and Visual Communication) in 2005 and before completing her degree was invited to be an Art Tutor at several Art Schools and studios. She founded PortugArt, an art project with the collaboration of the Portuguese Embassy and The D Group (part of Strategy International) that brought together 20 top Portuguese Artists to show- case their art in London. This project also resulted in an invitation to become Curator and Manager at D Contemporary. She embraces all projects and opportunities that the art world has to offer her.

David Agenjo self-taught Spanish artist based in North London. His new collection of portraits and life studies are inspired by his latest artistic residencies in the densely populated cities of Shenzhen and Mumbai. Themes of the everyday are emphasised; giving a greater status to subjects that would perhaps otherwise go unno- ticed. Visual narratives of quantity and repetition symp- tomatic of endless manufacturing and human labour are depicted throughout the collection. His works explore the revealing and concealed aspects of modern life via textiles, patterns and waste. His brush builds psychedelic inflections- worn-out objects retain a glowing grace; through these surreal tones we learn a sense of value and respect, offering a glimpse into the livelihoods and domestic rituals of those who live within the metropolises.

Humbled essentials are depicted in a patch- work of clothes and shelter. Neon strokes flourish beneath the reality of his figurative style, illuminating richness and generosity, capturing a collage of human emotion. The mundane becomes the spectacle.