Raphael stands alongside Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo as one of art history’s most important masters. As a painter and architect, working in Florence and Rome and for popes and princes, Raphael was a true universal genius of the High Renaissance who constantly sought to strike a balance between naturalist imitation and idealisation.

The Albertina is mounting the first exhibition to present works solely by Raphael in Austria. Around 130 drawing and 17 paintings serve to represent all of the artist’s important projects: from his early Umbrian period (up to 1504) to his years in Florence (1504/1505–1508) and on to his Roman period (1508/1509–1520), impressive works from all of his creative periods are included. Numerous works from the museum’s own holdings as well as from renowned collections and museums afford a detailed impression of this High Renaissance master’s oeuvre. Raphael’s thought processes and modes of work, from design to final composition, are illustrated not only by masterful drawings but also by his paintings that simultaneously serve as an overview of the artist’s painted oeuvre.

An exhibition of The Albertina Museum, Vienna in cooperation with the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.